An unusual week.

04/11/2015 08:07

This is an unusual week and an unusual month. I've spent more time studying the past few days. The reason is that Katie is leaving in the morning to go to a Ladies' retreat in Ireland. She leaves early tomorrow morning and will be back late Saturday night. Please pray for Missionary Sharon Pero as she organizes and runs the retreat. Please also pray for Katie and Laura from our church that it would be a spiritually/ physically refreshing time.

This past Monday was our monthly ladies' meeting. It was well attended. There were 5 ladies and 2 girls present. They had a sweet time together. The men and boys just escaped to Ikea and wondered around until the meeting was over. That is our normal winter routine.

I was able to put some flyers out on Monday morning. I didn't have any divine appointments but was able to get a good bit done in just over an hour.

Thank you for praying!