An unusual week....

05/06/2016 12:47

This has been a good but unusual week. We got moved back into the office on Monday. On Tuesday Benson and I helped a family move. On Wednesday I helped fellow missionaries move. It has been a very "moving" week. God gave me the perfect schedule to be able to do these extra things. He also gave us great weather this week which was a blessing to each move.

Yesterday morning Benson and I had some great opportunities to open God's Word as we did door to door ministry. We had three extended conversations. Thanks for praying for these opportunities to speak about Jesus.

I enjoyed singing a trio with my oldest two children, Kay Lee and Benson this morning. It's good to see the kid's growing up with a desire to serve the Lord. All of our kids have a great attitude about setting up and taking down after our church services. Our church people also work hard during those opportunities.

I preached this morning a message on Sowing and Reaping entitled, "God is Not Mocked" from a story found in Jeremiah 42. If you want you can hear us sing before the message. God gave us a good time around His Word. Again, thank you for your prayers!