Another good day

04/10/2012 19:50

The Lord gave me a divine appointment this morning as I walked.  I had seen this young father before and had been burdened for him. I saw him coming my way today and prayed that the Lord would give me a chance to speak with him.  Please pray for this young man. He and his wife lost a twin a couple years ago.  He said that is one reason he struggles with, "Is there a God?" I told him about David and his declaration that he would go to the child. I also shared with him our loss of a baby that would have been born last week.  It was a great opportunity.

God gave us a good service tonight. We studied Psalm 33 and the Beauty of Praise. "Praise is comely for the righteous."  God gave us a good service. Valerie Knies sang before I preached and the first hymn in her medley was about singing praise to the Lord.

Our church is excited about how God has answered the prayer for housing. Please contine to pray for a great Sunday. Brother Jim Knies is going to take all of our services that day.