Another good Sunday

21/07/2020 11:44

We had a busy travel weekend as we moved up to Wisconsin on Saturday. We parked our travel trailer at my brother's near LaCrosse and traveled from there to our two churches. Sunday was a full day as we left before 8:00 AM and got back just after 11:00 PM. Our first church was in New Lisbon where we enjoyed ministering in SS and the AM service. Our second church was in Lake Mills, WI. My dad pastored this church although it was in a different property at that time. We revisited the old church and parsonage properties. It was fun to show the kids around. I got saved in the basement of that old church building when I was 4 years old.

It was a blessing to see my brother's family. He has 4 girls and all of our kids have grown a lot in the last 5 years. We drove back to my parents house on Monday to spend the week with them. Next Sunday we have two meetings in WI and will spend the week with my brother's family. Thank you for praying for our travels and ministry.

Although churches can meet again in Scotland the property we rent has yet to invite us back. Please pray for God to open that door in his perfect timing. The Anderson made it out of quarantine on Sunday. I wish they didn't have to do that, but am thankful that they are beyond that requirement. Please pray for God's continued blessing upon their ministry.