Answer to prayer....

25/02/2016 09:26

We have been praying much about what to do with our vacation plans and no car. It would be easy to rent a car if we had two children. However, we have 6. To rent a vehicle our size would have cost about twice as much as renting two smaller vehicles. Last night I was able to contact the owner of the chalet that we have rented and she kindly switched our reservation to the following week. So, at least we have one more week in which the car may be repaired. We may still have to rent. But, I am very thankful for God opening this door. Thank you for praying with us about this need. Please continue to pray for God's provision for the vehicle.

I was able to put flyers out again yesterday. I think we are close to having 1500 of the new flyers out into our community. I was praying this morning that God would use each one of them and would appreciate your prayer for the same. I handed one to a lady yesterday as she put items in her recycle bin. I said, "I hope I'm not handing you something to go into that." (I have had people recycle them in front of me before.) She kindly took it and as far as I know didn't recycle it right away. :)