Autumn has arrived....brrr

22/09/2012 18:28

We had our first frost today.  It was 32 degrees when I looked at the current temp this morning. It's nice to feel the fresh crisp air of this season. When we get frost we also get sunshine. So, that was a big blessing.  The last two days we have seen a lot of sunshine.

The Lord gave a few witnessing opportunities yesterday.  It's encouraging to see doors open to speak about God and His Word.

After lunch I took my children walking along the coast. Keith was on his lunch break.  His grandmother was catholic but he isn't religious.  He asked some great questions and chatted for about 10 minutes. We started chatting on a wooden footbridge that crosses a tidal river. It was a gorgeous day and you could see Edinburgh in the distance across the inlet from the sea.

Last night two Mormon missionaries knocked on our door. I don't think I encouraged them much but I hope I gave them some godly sorrow.

Afterwards I ran to a mobile phone store to get a monthly deal they were offering. The manager remembered me from a previous time. We were able to talk about the signs of the times supporting God's Word.

This morning I visited Timothy's family. I was able to share the Gospel a bit with them. Please pray that God will work in their hearts. They've invited us to "tea" supper on Friday.  Thanks for your prayers.