Autumn is in full swing

17/10/2021 15:21

The frost has fallen this past week and autumn is really evident as the leaves turn and fall from the tree. Praise God for beauty in death. 

Thank you for praying for the day of prayer. God gave us a great season of prayer. It's the type of prayer time where you leave feeling like a burden has been lifted. Thank you for asking God to bless that day.

Brother Don Dillman and I put out flyers in his area on Wednesday. We had some short conversations with people who were out in their front gardens (yards.)

The Lord put on my heart to repreach a message on depression for our Sunday AM service. And so, I preached on Elijah's depression from 1 Kings 19. 1 Kings 19 is proof positive that Elijah really was subject to like passions as we are and yet he was a great man of faith. The message was, "From Depression to Refreshment" considering some potential causes and potential cures for depression.

Scotland is a dark country in the winter months. Our day light ours decrease AND our weather can be pretty grey. It is also a spiritually dark country with intense spiritual battles. I believe that the majority of people in Scotland battle depression. Praise God that we have help that unbelievers sadly do not have. Please pray for God to keep our church family encouraged in Him.

You are a blessing to our church. Thank you for following along and for your prayers for God to work in our ministry. May God richly bless you on this Lord's day.