Awesome divine appointment.....

09/02/2021 19:55

God just really encouraged my heart by giving me an opportunity to speak with a college age young man for about an hour. We got almost a foot of snow in the last 24 hours and went with the kids over sledging (sledding). We have an awesome hill at the golf course by our home. Three college students were also there and one of them kindly entered into a very fun conversation about God. Please pray for these young people to come to faith in God and His Word. I prayed with them at the end of our chat and asked God to open their eyes to who He is.

God gave us a great start to our holiday Bible club. A girl who used to attend our church, but who now lives in Portugal, joined us. We also had a first time visitor. Your prayers are appreciated as this event runs for two more days.

God also blessed us with a good missionary men's prayer time today. God has really knit our hearts together through these prayer times. Please pray that God will wonderfully use these time to forward His work in Scotland.

(One of the puppets on Zoom today.)