Back at it

10/10/2012 12:04

It felt good to be out doing flyers again. We've had a bit of a different schedule the past two weeks. I'm sure that it will be an odd schedule for a while as we move this month. (Note: We are moving on the 29th.) It is a sunny day with heavy frost this morning.

The Lord gave me a wonderful divine appointment this morning. Please pray for Mark. I've talked with him before and appreciate his honesty. He had some good questions this morning as we talked for half an hour.  I "bumped into him" again about a half hour later in front of his house and enjoyed going in for a cup of tea.  His wife and her friend were there and I hope that they will visit our church. God's hand was evident. 

I don't know if I've shared an illustration that I like to use about a designer.  I like to point out that if someone saw a robot just like me in a field they would be amazed. But, that they would also know that there is no way a robot like me could exist without a designer.  But, we are much more complex than a simple robot even if it could function just like us.  We have emotions, likes and dislikes, memory, life, a conscience, individuality, morality, etc. 

Please pray that God will give me wisdom and power in my witnessing and preaching.  Thanks for your burden for what God is doing on our field.