Back from camp :)

28/04/2019 13:38

Wow - God gave us a great time at men's camp in Ireland. Special thanks to Pastor Ledbetter and his church for their vision to provide this awesome opportunity over the last 19 years. I had the privilige of preaching the opening session on Wednesday and we had 6 other opportunites to sit under the teaching and preaching of God's Word. If you want to get a taste of camp, please click on the following link. I preached my camp message this morning, "The God of the Impossible and the Man of Faith." Tommy, who attended camp from our church, sang before I preached. We participated often in the special music at camp and enjoyed those ministry opportunities as well. Thank you for praying for camp. God worked!

We had a special Sunday morning. A Christian family with 4 children drove an hour to visit our church this morning. Interestingly, they were looking for a church that has Sunday School. It is sad that there are not more Gospel Sunday Schools for families to bring up their children in the nurture of the Lord. Please pray for them as they seek God's will for a church family. We'd love to have them in our ministry.

The attendance was good and there was a very sweet spirit. Thank you so much for your earnest prayers on our behalf. May God bless you and encourage you in Him today.