Back from Holiday

06/08/2017 08:38

The Lord gave us a wonderful time away as a family in the Yorkshire Dales in North West England. The place we stayed was an old english barn which was converted into a residence. God gave us just the right place to really get away. 

I have uploaded the message from last week on, "Keeping Comany with Christ." I continued that message this week as I preached part 2 of Keeping Company with Christ from Proverbs 8.

Our attendance was down as the Hikins, Lilliana and Inis were away. We also had illness keep a couple others away. The Lord was gracious to meet with us and we had a good morning. Tonight we are going to have a communion service. It will be a different  structure of service as we will look at pictures from Israel while reading the story of the death of Christ and singing hymns. I'm looking forward to what God will do in our hearts this evening. Thank you for your prayers for our ministry. (Below are some pics from our family time. You'll notice some interesting driving in Northern England.)