Back from Ireland

15/01/2020 14:35

God blessed and gave us a great time of prayer yesterday in Ireland. For those unaware with budget airlines in Europe, I was able to fly there and back for 34 pounds. I left yesterday morning around 8 AM and was back at 9 PM.

Brother Les Hill met me at the airport in Dublin and we enjoyed meeting in prayer with 8 other misisonary men at his church. We spent about an hour and a half in prayer before and then after lunch. As you know from updates below, the church in Lucan lost a precious little girl this past week. The funeral for Ashley is on Saturday. Please pray for the Bombita family and for Pastor Hill as he preaches the funeral.

God gave me a wonderful divine appointment on the flight back. A young Irish lady was seated next to me. God gave us a great conversation with an open Bible on my phone looking at many verses. We spoke about God's Word for the entire flight which was about an hour. Please pray for her to come to FAITH in Jesus.