Back from radio silence....

14/03/2023 14:14

We had a delightful weekend with Fausto and Maria Pia D'Amelio. (Pronounced, "Dah-mail-yo") They came back to our home on Friday and flew back to Italy today. If you have a church ministry in Europe, I highly recommend this couple for your consideration. It is my hope that God will allow our church to add them to our missions family.

The D'Amelio's will be starting a church near where Fausto grew up. In Italy as in Scotland, most Independent Baptist Churches are pastored by American missionaries. It is a great joy to meet a national couple called of God to establish churches in their home nation. Please pray for God to raise up committed men in Scotland who are called of God to the ministry and to church planting.

Before they left, Fausto and Maria Pia helped me start distributing our new church flyer. We're excited about this flyer. It has our church information on the front and the Gospel on the back. Please pray for God to greatly use this simple invitation and Gospel witness to open doors and hearts for God's glory.