Back in the saddle....

09/05/2018 16:27

Thank you for your prayers for this cold to go away. I got a great nights sleep and felt well enough today to run this morning and to get out and do flyers with Don Dillman. I had canceled with him yesterday assuming I wouldn't be better. So, I very  much appreciate your prayers.

God gave us two good divine appointments today. Please pray for the 82 year old man who was religious but who did not have a Bible reason for why he thought he would go to Heaven. God kept him engaged in the conversation. At the end of our talk he said he appreciated the chat. I put a John and Romans through his mail slot. Please pray that he will read it and come to saving faith. The other man was not religious but listened politely but less desirously. God's truth can penetrate his heart and it is our prayer that it would. Thanks for praying for these open doors for the Gospel.