Back into Edinburgh

27/03/2017 13:44

I went back into Edinburgh this morning. The high pressure has remained in control of our weather and it was another very nice morning. Because of that I thougth it would be good to seek opportunities to witness in Edinburgh. 

The Lord gave me 4 very good divine appointments this morning. The first was with a 17 year old Scot from about 20 miles away. She is an atheist - but I hope she will be someone who was an atheist. She thanked me for our conversation which lasted over 20 minutes.

The second one was with a man who is my age and was on holiday from Ireland. He was hard. He thinks that God exists but doesn't care about knowing him or about Heaven and Hell. Please pray that God will awaken his heart. I told him that I was doing my best to get him interested in something that was vitally important. 

The third was with a couple on Holiday from Italy. I explained the differences between what God's Word teaches and what Catholicism teaches. They were engaged in the conversation but had to leave for an appointment.

The last was with a young man who attends a Baptist church in Dumfermline. Sadly, he is trusting in his goodness. However, I had a great opportunity to share with Him from the Bible why good people don't go to Heaven. (There is no such thing.) He also thanked me for the conversation.

Thanks for praying for these divine appointments. It was encouraging to have so many opportunities to engage people in conversations about the Lord. I also handed out a good number of Gospel flyers.