Backwards Sunday

25/10/2020 12:07

Our Sunday Schedule has been "turned upside down" by the pandemic. Due to meeting in a new location we were only able to reserve an evening time slot. So, for our Sunday AM service on Zoom we studied Proverbs as we normally have recently done for our Sunday PM. Our Sunday School is at 5:00 PM  and our main Sunday service is at 6:00 PM. This final service will be like what has normally been our Sunday AM service. (Are you confused yet?) We are very excited to be meeting together again and look forward to what God will do this evening. 

We enjoyed our study from Proverbs 15 this morning. We are about half way through a verse by verse study of the book of Proverbs. It has been a valuable study.

We have a big prayer request for some children who attend our church. At 4:00 AM there was a fire in loanhead in a block of 6 flats. (Like an apartment building.) We have had children attend our church from three of those flats. Katie visited one of these families yesterday and spoke with children from all three flats. The children in these flats attended our church for several years and 3 of them from two flats were supposed to be in church this evening. These are families that we love and greatly desire to see God meet their needs. God spared several lives last night as will be evident from the picture.

Please pray for God's grace and provision for these families.