Balmy Scotland

20/10/2013 15:59

I was talking to my dad last night and they were possibly going to get their first snowfall back in Wisconsin. In contrast to that, here we had a very mild day with sunshine and a light breeze. The 4 older kids and I just enjoyed going on a nice walk near our home. We walked to a place called, "Maiden Castle,"  which is a hill more than a castle, that they say was occupied from about 1000 BC to 200 AD. It's a pretty walk.

God gave us a good morning. We had 21 children (!!!!!!) and 10 adults come this morning. A couple of these "children" are in their early teen years. Please pray that we'll have wisdom how to reach them. I preached from II Chronicles 14-16 on, "Are You With HIM?"  King Asa and the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were told that God would be with them as long as they were with him.  Most of Asa's reign was successful because he chose to be with God. When he departed God proved his success was only because God had been with him.

Tonight we are looking at the Gospel to the Gentiles in Acts 10 and 11. Peter is going to defend his decision to obey God and take the Gospel to the Gentiles. Thanks for joining us in your prayers to God for our ministry.