Beautiful Music

03/05/2013 22:21

My family will soon be singing happy birthday to my wife, also known as Mommy in our home. God allowed us to get a fun birthday present and I thought I'd share a picture with you. I also thought I'd tell you a story. About a year after we were married, my wife began teaching piano lessons. She saved her money and used what she earned to buy a very nice digital piano. When it came time for us to prepare to go to Scotland, she sold the piano to finance my first survey trip over here.

When we got here some friends of ours provided a digital piano for us to use and it is a blessing. It is now our upstairs piano. (With 3 kids beginning piano and two more in the wings, it is a blessing to have more than one.) I wanted to get her an upright acoustic piano for her birthday and God has provided a lovely one in answer to prayer. For piano people out there, it is a 1905 Gors and Kallmann. It has beautiful sound and great touch. The owner was sad to part with it. It would not be a complete story if I didn't tell you that it was free to a good home.  All I had to do was hire professional movers to get it from his first floor flat. Isn't God good to give back what we give up for Him and to give us the desires of our heart?