Beautiful weather!

08/05/2018 11:53

As I left to put out flyers this morning, I remembered the times this past winter where weather like this seemed like a dream. It's hard to imagine a warm sunny breeze and wearing short sleeves when you are seeing snow flakes. It is wonderful to experience it. God's given us incredible weather the last several days and it has been refreshing. I didn't put flyers out for very long as I have a bit of a cold. Hopefully that will soon pass and I can get back into a more active routine again.

Yesterday, the Lord helped me write a new flyer. I sent it off to print this morning. I've been struck recently by the simple thought, "The answer to unbelief is faith." I said that to a man last week who was a staunch unbeliever. He question my sanity and wondered if I had been brainwashed. :) If he would only change his mind, he could know the reality of the Truth of God. Until then, he will never get past, "In the beginning God created...."

Please pray that God will use this flyer to bring people to saving faith in our Lord. Thanks for praying for our family and our church ministry.