beautiful weather!

23/03/2022 13:17

It's been gorgeous. I am enjoying doing outreach in short sleeves. It is 55 out right now. 

The Lord blessed Tommy and I as we got out yesterday in Penicuik. We put out a couple hundred flyers and I had one divine appointment. This man was working on masonry - repointing a stone wall. He knows that someone designed the wall and I encouraged him to look around and see God's design. It was a good chat.

Today I was over in Livingston with Don putting out flyers.  I had a few short divine appointments. A liberal church of Scotland man spoke with me. A woman who attends a Baptist church but who didn't know the Gospel was another one. The last one was a man in his mid 30's who actually had a Bible app on his phone. He was proud to show it to me. We encouraged him to set up a Bible study with Don.

One other opportunity was with a workman who had seen Don and his church people handing out literature at the local mall. Don wasn't with me as I spoke with this man. However, this man spoke well of Don's friendliness. I encouraged him to stop and talk to Don and ask Don to convince him that there is a God. (Obviously only God can really do that - but that would be a good start.)

Thanks for praying for our evangelism.