Benson and Door to Door

09/07/2016 19:48

Benson was my door to door partner this morning. Generally people are pretty kind here when you knock on their door. We had one exception to that this morning but we weren't offended. I feel bad for the lady as she is missing a lot of joy in her life. God also gave us a great talk with a woman who is really hurting. Please pray that God will meet her in her time of need. She has lost a lot of family to death recently and feels that "if there is a God" she blames Him. You wouldn't have expected the conversation to open up but God did open it and I was able to speak to her about the love of God. 

Benson and I got some fly fishing equipment recently and have enjoyed going fishing a couple of times. Those of you who followed us on deputation know that I love fishing. Fishing has been one of the most difficult "culture shocks" for me as the system here is so different than in the States. Most fishing here is by fly rod. You also do not get a permit (license) to fish in the country. You get a license to fish a few miles of one river. And it is usually a day ticket that is pretty expensive. (One place we know of is 250 pounds a day to fish for salmon.) So, finding out how to fish for free and catch something on a fly rod - is a breakthrough. :) I'll put a picture below of Benson's first brown trout on a fly rod.