Benson's Birthday

22/06/2012 12:15

Thanks for everyone who sent Benson a birthday card.  My kids love opening each one of those.  His birthday was Wednesday. It was a fun day.  Alec and Elizabeth came over that evening and joined us for cake.  We hid Benson's birthday present *(bike) in their garage and they brought that with them.  Please pray for God to continue to do His good work in their hearts.

Last night we were encouraged to see Ellie back with us.  She and Skye plus our family made up our group last night.  The Hikins have had their van in the body shop for the last 10 days.  The replacement vehicle only has room for 4.  So, they will be thrilled to get their vehicle back on Monday.

Timothy's brother's surgery went very well.  But, his grandma (dad's mum) passed away on Wednesday.  Please pray for comfort for the family and that we can reach out to them during this time.

We had our first thunderstorm of the summer this morning.  We rarely get thunderstorms - so, it is a special treat. I love weather excitement!