Biggar Outreach

17/04/2019 12:56

Pastor Dillman and I made our way out to Biggar this morning. It's a very pretty place and the drive there is beautiful. It was made even prettier by the gorgeous weather God gave us this morning. We put out several hundred flyers. I had one good opportunity to share the Gospel with Jimmy. (72). Please pray for God to graciously work in his heart. The other opportunity was not an open door as the young man was a pagan scientist. However, truth was shared which in the mercy of God could open this man's eyes.

I've been wondering lately if people are getting harder to the Gospel. I believe that there is much greater resistance to absolute truth (God's Word) and incredible resistance to creation science. The opposition party (the world) have convinced themselves that they are right and that they have put God where He can no longer impact them. Please pray for God's mercy for Scotland. We need an awakening to Truth that only God can give. Thanks for praying.