Biggar Outreach

24/08/2021 11:50

Tommy has gone with me the last two mornings to Biggar. We've put out several hundred Gospel flyers and had one good witnessing opportunity each day.

Yesterday, Willie (85) was out working in his front garden. He's a keen 85 year old and the Lord allowed me to share the Gospel with him. He has attended the church of Scotland for 70 odd years, but doesn't think about eternity. He "just takes one day at a time and will find out when he get's there." He was a bit antagonistic but listened and said, "Do you think then that I can get saved?" I liked the question and hope it is answered experientially. I said "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." It's sad to think of a man going to church for a lifetime and not being confronted with his need to be born again. (John 3)

Today it was a similar opportunity. An older woman was working in her front garden. She said, "Are you a Jehovah's witness? Mormon?" I said, "No, now that you've mentioned two cults... I am a Baptist." She seemed open, but when it came to TRUTH she is in a difficult position. She wants to say out of the same mouth - the Bible is true because it comes from God and false because it comes through man.  She wants to disagree with the Bible where she believes she is right, and agree with the Bible where she doesn't have difficulty. Please pray that her eyes will be opened to her rejection of God's truth. How can someone have Christ, The Living Word, (the Truth) as her Saviour when she rejects the written Word of God? I don't believe it is possible and sadly Satan has taken over the ground of, "Inspiriation and Absolute Truth" in Scotland. Please pray for the power of God to work in these and other's hearts as we lay a foundation of, "Thus saith the Lord."