07/06/2012 12:57

I finished putting flyers out in the village of Bilston today. Bilston is a small village about a mile from the place where we meet for church. 

I witnessed to Angie.  She has just become a Buddhist.  Buddhism is somewhat common here.  There are statues of Buddha in many gardens (yards). Please pray that she will get her Bible out and read it.

I spoke briefly to two young men who were doing a delivery.  The one said that he was a Catholic and that he was going to Heaven because he was a good person.  I turned to the other man and said, "Have you ever heard him swear?"  The catholic said, "Oh I swear like a sailor." I said, "And you think that is what a 'good' person does?" The other man was walking away as I said, "Nobody is a good person.  If good people went to heaven then why did Jesus die?" (His death is pointless if we can go to heaven by being good." God can use short conversation.  I hope he doesn't forget that He can't go to Heaven without Jesus.

I had another similar conversation with two older men. I asked the man who said he believed in God, "Are you scared to meet God?"  He said, "No, I enjoy meeting people."  I asked, "Do you think He'll let you into Heaven?"  He pointed to his goodness and said, "I don't (do this that and the other) but I do tell a lie now and again."  I told him, "Revelation 21:8 says at the end that '...all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone."  I hope he was sobered by our brief chat and that he will get a Bible out and start learning about Jesus.

Thanks for your prayers.  Tonight is our Kids Club and Bible study.

PS.  We are making preparations for our Holiday Bible Time (VBS) 23-27 July.  I'll put our flyer below.  We've already printed it and it turned out really nice.  It is a small postcard.