BJU creed

01/04/2015 14:38

I enjoyed listening to some messages from the platform of Bob Jones University as I walked this morning. The three I listened to were on the BJU creed's opening statement, "I believe in the inspiration of the Bible, both the Old and New Testament." It was refreshing to be reminded that God has given us HIS WORD. So that, you and I can pick up a Bible and know what God thinks about anything necessary to life and godliness. Praise God for our sure foundation.

I put out flyers for about an hour and a half. I enjoyed catching up with a man who attended our church for a while. He is now back in his home church and doing well. I had another divine appointment which was important to the resolving of a community need for which we have been praying.

In other news, we are preparing to apply for our permanent residence visas. We have begun studying for our life in the UK test. Once Katie and I have taken that test and passed, we can apply for our visas. There is no rush as our current visas are good for another year. However, it seems wise to take this step as it is the final step in the visa process. We'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we work on these.