Blown away... after all it is Scotland.

27/01/2019 13:04

It is one of those windy Scottish days. We have a sign with water inside that blew over a couple times this morning. The rushing mighty wind was physically present this morning. Pray that the Wind of the Spirit would be with us spiritually. We did have a blessed morning.

I enjoyed preaching on "filthy lucre" this moring as I preached a message on our stewardship of money from Luke 16:1-14, Making Money Count for Eternity.

God gave us some good witnessing opportunities during our door to door yesterday. It was our first time have 3 groups. Jack and Benson were a team. Callum and I were a team. And Katie and Logan were a team. Please pray for those to whom we spake. Each team had one good or very good witnessing opportunity.