Breaking the Radio Silence....

20/06/2016 14:52

I am sorry that I haven't updated as much as I normally do. We have had a busy past week but have much to thank the Lord for.

We just enjoyed having our field Administrator (Steve Anderson) and his wife, (Martha) with us. They were both a blessing. Brother Steve took all the services for me on Sunday and Martha did the Sunday School class for Katie. They also took our family out to eat at a nice restaurant yesterday. We enjoyed the fellowship and the love they shared with our kids. Nelson (6) is a pretty attached guy and said when they were leaving (my eyes are getting all watery.)

God gave us a good utility week this past week. The weather was not very nice which made it easier to get some office work done. One big need was sourcing another vehicle and God provided. It is nearly impossible to find a vehicle of our family size. It is made more difficult because our license over here only allows us to drive an automatic. (Most vehicles are manuals(stick shift.)) God provided a 2013 van which still has manufacturers warranty. We are thrilled at what God has done.

If you would like to listen in to our morning service from yesterday morning, Brother Anderson preached, "An Act of Worship" from Mary's Worship of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 26:1-13. 

Here is a quick building update. The owner's lawyer recommended that he not seller finance. But, he asked me about leasing with the option of buying. Please continue to pray for God to open just the right doors and to direct us as we pursue His will for our church.

Thanks for praying!