Breaking the "radio silence...."

06/04/2017 19:34

Dear All,

I apologize for not updating this past week. However, I have a pretty good excuse as my computer has been in the shop from last Friday and I got it back this afternoon. I'm very thankful to have "my arm" back. It's funny how missing a normal part of your life really warps your week. My car was also gone this week which made life interesting. I also got that back this afternoon. So, onward, forward....

The ladies' meeting plans are coming on nicely. Please pray for God to do a great work on Saturday.

We have had several divine appointments this past week. Thank you for praying for those. I'll try to keep you better updated this next week as God opens those doors.

I preached this past Sunday on "Keeping Your Life from Ruin" from Ezekiel 18:30-32 and God gave us a good Sunday. Thanks for praying.