Breathing space...

05/03/2024 15:13

The Lord allowed us to delay the carpet installation and piano delivery for a few weeks. This is a blessing as we have more time to get finishing work completed. There is no reason to paint after we install, IF we can do so before. We also have a group coming from Nolansville, TN (Pastor Waddle's church) on the week of the 18th. This really helps us as we can get much more accomplished without being concerned about new carpets.

Thanks for praying for our works. It's amazing how many decisions need to be made. Tim, the sound guys from England, came up Sunday afternoon. He made it in time for our evening service and stayed until Monday. He's incredibly helpful and we are putting a plan together for audio and video. Please pray for wisdom when to move forward and for God's provision according to His will. 

I was able to get out street preaching yesterday morning. Today I put out Gospel flyers in our local area.

Katie's injury update: She saw a sports doctor yesterday about her knee injury. He suspects a torn ACL. She is having an MRI just now and we'll update you. Please pray for the swelling to go down. Our hope is that it can heal without surgery.