02/12/2012 21:25

It is still cold here. Although we don't get much above 70 in the summer, we also don't normally spend much time below freezing. We've had about an inch of ice on the ornamental pond out back for several days. If you've noticed the sunrise and sunset times on the homepage, you are aware that our days are getting very short. That means when the sun comes up, it is very low sunlight. Tonight we are excited because there is a chance of snow.

We are getting in the Christmas Spirit. This morning we enjoyed singing Christmas carols. The Lord gave us a very good day. I preached on, "The Sure Word" from II Peter 1:16-21. Tonight we had our Bible study and enjoyed the Lord's Supper.

Please remember Katie's Ladies Christmas Tea at our home this Friday. There is a very good group of ladies coming. Katie and Kay Lee are really looking forward to it. We enjoyed decorating our home this past Friday. I'll include some pictures below. Thanks for praying for our ministry today.

The view from our back garden. (Sadly, no one can see our back garden. But we get to enjoy it.)

Alec's wife, Elizabeth, gave each of the children an advent calendar. As you would imagine, the kids are enjoying their daily surprises.