17/09/2013 09:01

Our weather has really changed in the last couple of days. Over the weekend we had gale force winds and now we have temperatures in the morning which are in the low forties.  We turned our heat on last night and accidently left it on all night. So, we feel like we are in Florida right now if we stay inside! :)

The Lord has given a couple more divine appointments this weekend. One young man is from Slovakia. Please pray for M___________. I know it was a divine appointment as I had just prayed for an opportunity to share the Gospel on my way back to my house. We also had an opportunity last night. Please pray for J______________ and his girlfriend to visit the church. 

Today we start back with art class with Mr. Alec. Benson and Logan are excited about getting back over there. We are back into the normal routine and the kids are getting used to their new school schedule. Thank you for praying for Katie as she has a lot of extra work to do while school is in session.