Brrr..... and more brr to come!

26/02/2018 11:41

The UK is in a deep freeze right now. Our weather pattern is normally from the West. However, an unusual phenomena has occurred which is sending us weather from accross Siberia (East). They are calling this the, "Beast from the East." As the cold air flows over the North Sea it is going to collect moisture to deposit along the East Coast where we live. Oh, the anticipation.... :) The snow is big news today and will be I imagine for about a week as it will continue for that long. 

It isn't snowing yet. But, it is painfully cold with a cutting easterly wind. I didn't get out for too long this morning but was able to put flyers through a wee village (Howgate) about 7 miles from our church location. I spoke briefly with a man who said he will take his chance on eterinity without God. I'm praying God will awaken his heart. I encouraged him not to wait but to do something about erernity while he can. 

We appreciate your prayers! (Photo below - On saturday we enjoyed walking down a single track road not far from our house. The view was stunning.)