21/11/2022 11:07

After a very mild and wet autumn, it was dry and very cold this morning. The frost was very thick and it was a bit slippy (British English) as I ran this morning. When I left to put out flyers this moring it was 29 F and it has warmed up to 32 F. That's ok. This past week, the boys helped me put out my Christmas lights and I told my wife that if it snows before Thanksgiving, I'm going to turn them on. Unfortunately, no snow is in the forecast.

I spoke briefly with one man this morning and enjoyed putting out around 150-200 flyers. Thank you for praying for the power of God as we put out His Word. 

We had a visitor last night at church. She is the first person to attend as a result of our street preaching ministry. She is looking forward to visiting again. Please pray that God will speak to her heart and encourage her as she investigates His truth. We thank the Lord for that blessing.

Still no word on the property of interest. Thanks for praying. (Below: Beautiful frost on our car.)