01/09/2013 13:35

The weather has definitely changed the last few days. I walked this morning in brisk winds and cool temperatures. I enjoy active weather and am glad that our weather here is anything but boring.

God gave us a great day  and good attendance despite a change in the weather. We thank the Lord that we have had great attendance the last few weeks. There has also been a sweet spirit in the church. I preached this morning on God's vineyard from Mark 12:1-12. Tonight we are going to look at Saul and Ananias in Acts 9 and observe the Lord's Supper.

Thanks for praying for our ministry today. Please be in prayer for Steve and Martha Anderson who will be with us next weekend. Brother Steve is our field administrator with BWM. He is going to take Sunday School and the evening service. On Monday night (9th) Martha will be speaking at a ladies meeting at our home. On Tuesday (10th) brother Steve will be preaching at a Pastor's Fellowship that our church is hosting. So, we appreciate your prayers ahead of time for these coming ministries.