06/04/2021 12:25

There were snow flakes flying this morning as I went to meet Tommy to do flyers. The 30MPH winds didn't help warm us up, although the sun was out for a bit of our time. We put flyers out for about an hour and got a good bit done.

This morning The Journey segment was, "Known God." We looked at Paul's message to the Athenians from Mar's Hill. He taught a lesson on who God is from the altar of the "unknown God." If you would like to view it, here is a (Youtube link) (Sermon Audio Link) (Facebook Link.) 

Last week we advertised the segment, Faithful God. It's been amazing to us how much negative feedback that segment is receiving. If I have dealt with controversial truth, it was not in that video.... I thought. However, man is contrary to the faithful God and quick to stand in judgment upon Him. Please pray for the hearts of these who have been pricked by God's Word that they will submit to God's authority and recieve His love. Your prayers for God's blessing on The Journey are much appreciated.