22/03/2013 10:46

Well winter has not lost it's icy grip on Scotland. Much of Britain is facing a large snow storm. Right now we just have freezing temperatures and very high winds. We have had a good winter this year which makes us hope that we'll have a good summer. Last year we had a mild winter and a very mild summer. We shall see!

The Lord gave us a good service last night. Thanks for praying for our ministry. I wonder on Thursdays if the blessing is because everyone in the States met the night before and many prayed for us. Whatever the case, the Lord does often refresh us during our Thursday night meetings. We had faithful attendance last night with 15 kids and 7 adults. Our Bible study looked at the greatness of God in Psalm 48.

I do have  a prayer request for a friend of ours for whom you have prayed in the past. Jeff Smith is having difficulty with his balance and speech. He is having a Cat Scan today. He had a tumor removed at Christmas time but has not recovered as well as they would hope. Jeff and Shellie have been over here for about 20 years and have faithfully served the Lord. Would you please pray for wisdom for the Dr.'s and for healing? You can keep up to date with the Smith's medical need at link