30/01/2019 13:01

It's cold... but we can't complain because the USA is in a deeeeep freeeeze. Our temps are just below freezing but with high humidity. Yesterday I put out flyers in Bilston which is a village very near our church location. The area I was in is less than a mile from our meeting place. Today Pastor Dillman and I drove West to three little Villages. Two of them are in the Scottish Borders (county) and the other is closer back towards our home area. Would you believe that as we finished one of these wee villages about 8 JW's arrived to knock on doors? It was convicting to see the enemy of righteousness dressed as an angel of light doing more than God's church. 

God gave us 2 divine appointments. Please pray for Owen and Drew. Both are older men who spoke openly and with interest of spiritual things. As always it was a great time of fellowship. Please continue to pray for the Dillmans as they serve God in Livingston.

Special prayer request: Merle Ventrello whom we just honoured for 50 years of ministry in Scotland is very ill and in hospital. His kidneys are failing and they have other concerns. Please pray for his wife Barbara as well as Merle. I'll seek to update when possible.