building progress and evangelism

11/08/2023 21:55

God gave us some good opportunities to share the Gospel this week. On Monday Benson went with me as I preached on Princess St. in Edinburgh. On Wednesday, I joined Pastor Dillman in Livingstone to hand out tracts at the mall and do door to door. We're planning to do door to door tomorrow and have two who will be joining us for their first time. Your prayers are much appreciated for God's grace as they learn a new ministry.

We're excited to be moving forward on the building this week. On Tuesday we began the renovations of the santuary by having all of the wiring put in. The  electricians were there for four days and have nearly finished running the wires in the sanctuary.

Also, we were able to have new front doors installed. They are lovely and make our church so much more inviting. Since these are glass doors, we will be able to shut them and still have people aware that we are open. The previous doors were solid and had to be left open.

Today I began the installation of the floor in the entry. I was able to get it mostly laid, but have some finishing to do tomorrow. We enjoyed a good Wednesday night of ministry as we met again in the Activity Centre at church. I preached a message in a series on 1 Peter on, "How to suffer correctly when suffering as a Christian."