Busy, busy....

04/10/2017 20:56

We are very excited to have our guests arriving in the morning (Evangelist Andy and Brynn Gleiser and their co-worker, Sarah.) They will be staying at our new home. We've moved enough things over there the last few days to make it feel comfortable for them during their stay. We've been cleaning, moving things and have even begun working on two of the rooms removing wall paper.

The Lord has also given us some good opportunities to promote the meetings. George Clayson (college student) helped yesterday as we knocked on doors and invited people to the meetings. Missionary Don Dillman and I did the same thing for a couple hours this morning. People were generally very friendly and I would hope that some of these we met will attend. Please pray that God would give them the courage and interest to come.

We found out tonight that we have a new pet. A cute little hedgehog was making his way around our front garden when we were leaving. My kids were very excited as they have been wanting to see a hedgehog.