Busy, busy....

14/05/2020 14:21

God blessed us with a DVD duplicator recently given to us by a missionary friend. We've enjoyed putting that to work today making dvd's to give to some of our friends. We've made one DVD of the firs 7 segments of, "The Journey." We've made another with 8 music specials. We also are now making sermon DVD's for those who can't attend services. 

There are now 7 episodes of the journey. I uploaded another one today called, "Right Religion." (The link is to sermon audio although it is available on facebook as well.)

Our final lesson from James is also online, "Strengths and Weaknesses." I'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we begin a new book study.

Katie also uploaded her Thursday night kid's club lesson. She is doing the story of George Mueller and a study of the fruit of the Spirit.

Thank you for your prayers. We're seeing God stretch us out into new endeavours.