Busy, but good week.....

16/12/2017 19:41

I've just realized that I have not updated much this week. It was a busy week as we get ready for some extra events and as some of those come to pass. On top of the normal schedule, we have a baptism at our home this week. That meant moving things around in our garage to accomodate the hot tub (baptistry), filling it and making sure it heated up. God gave a wonderful break in the weather yesterday as it warmed up enough to easily run a hose outside. It was frigid again today. Tomorrow for the baptism it is to be warm again. So, praise God for His goodness.

I also wrote an article which will be included in our county newspaper in February. The article is entitled, "Popular Christianity?" It is basically an argument against the common thought that Christianity should be mainstream and acceptable. I concluded with the idea of Biblical Christianity being to read the Bible, believe it, and prepare to be treated like Jesus was treated.

I also prepared the powerpoint slides for our Christmas Carol Sing service on Christmas eve. :) Tomorrow night we will set up our ten foot tall Christmas tree with a couple hundred lights and baubles and be ready for that service. Our highest ever attendance was last year at the carol sing service as we had 50 people total present including a couple who are friends in ministry, Dillmans.

Don and I had a great divine appointment on Wed. as we knocked on doors and invited people to come to our Carol service. Please pray for the 17 year old young man whose heart seemed tender. Please pray that God will take him from unbelief to faith.

I had two other separate very good divine appointments as we purchased things for our family for Christmas. Please pray for these men to come visit the church as they both are near our church location.

On top of everything, we collected our puppy Duchess today. She is a very sweet addition to our family. (I'll include a photo below. She is a Goldendoodle.) I would appreciate your prayers very much for my preaching ministry tomorrow. There will likely be several unbelievers present. We have a teen boy being baptized and a young woman in her 20's.