Busy Sunday....

13/10/2019 13:17

Today is our busy Sunday as we get ready for our afternoon service at the assisted living facility in Loanhead. It was an interesting morning. We expected a young couple from Canada to visit. Instead we had a young couple from two miles away and a young couple from Wisconsin. Isn't that interesting. It caused me a bit of confusion but we got over it. Please pray for the young couple from nearby. Lord willing, we will see them again.

I preached this morning on the middle of the three judgments of King Jesus. 1) The Judgment Seat of Christ 2) The Judgment of the Nations 3) The Great White Throne Judgment. I preached on the Judgment of the Nations from Jesus words in Matthew 25:31-46. My message was, "Ready to Go Away." God gave us a good service. Thank you for praying.

Yesterday, our family enjoyed attending a harvest banquet at a sister church in Fochabers (pronounced the ch with a hard k sound.) Please pray for the Baptist Church there to grow and put down deep roots. It is a 3 year old church plant of good friends of ours, Don and Tabitha Clough and kids. Their ministry is almost 4 hours north of us nearer Inverness. The had a visitor come this morning who attended the banquet yesterday. Praise the Lord!