Busy times....

01/06/2017 08:08

Well, we enjoyed the slowness of the Spring knowing that we would be off and running this summer and we are into that pace. The Fellowship Meeting which we hosted went very well. Evangelist Washer shared with us how God has opened the doors for their prison ministry and preached an encouraging message on fighting and finishing for the Lord. Our family also enjoyed doing special music with their family.

Those who were able to be there went away encouraged. Thank you for praying for that day. 

Yesterday morning I put out more flyers than I have ever put out in one morning! :) But, there is a reason. I went to 8 primary (elementary) schools with our Holiday Bible Club flyer. I also went to two highschools with our Football tournament flyer. All of these flyers have our website on them which would be an open door for the Gospel. Please pray for the several thousand students and families who will take these into their homes. 

Please also pray for just the right turnout. Last year we had a lot of staff for the football tournament and not many participants. (But, it was accidentally scheduled on the Scottish Cup Final (footbal championship). This year we don't have much staff - and we could potentially have a good turnout.