Busy times....

05/03/2023 12:58

Well, this has been a very busy, but productive week. We were able to get our utilities sorted on Monday. On Tuesday I met the contractor at the church and went through the building. Wednesday Don Dillman and I were able to get out to do some outreach. Thursday an Italian national church planter and his wife (D'Amelio's) arrived in Edinburgh. I collected them at the airport and they stayed with our family. 

On Friday we drove up to Aberdeen to take the D'Amelio's to their first meeting today at Open Door Baptist in Aberdeen. We also received 51 very nice chairs from that sister church. We arrived back just in time for our first youth activity on our church property. Also on Friday electicians and roofers viewed the property. :) 

God's been very good to help us with our busy schedule. Lord willing, life will somewhat slow down this week.

Our attendance was down this morning. One man in our church has a lung infection and I know that some children are also ill. Please pray for their soon recovery. Next week is our missions Sunday with the missionaries.

I preached a message from Ezra 8 on how to have a successful physical and spiritual journey. This passage has really encouraged my heart with regard to what God has led us to do. It was a joy to share it with our church.

Thanks for your prayers! We definitely need them. :)