"Bwater" is coming

27/02/2013 08:02

Nelson is all excited this morning because his cousin is coming over.  Although his name is Brodrick, it comes out of Nelson's mouth like, "Bwater." He says his name over and over again until you acknowledge him. After about a minute he says it again!  It will be fun having the Hansen's with us today.

The Lord recently gave a great opportunity to talk to a humanist evolutionist about the Lord.  We walked about a mile and a half while we were talking. Please pray that God will work in their heart.

Katie is doing better but still needs your prayers. God has given us many friends over here that have been an encouragement.

Please be praying for the travel of our 3 college girls who are arriving on Saturday. They will be with us until the following Saturday. God's timing is perfect. It will be a blessing to have them with us. They will be helping with Children's Sunday School, nursery and Thursday Kid's club. We are also going to do some evangelism. Thanks for praying.