22/05/2013 22:03

About a year ago, we purchased a tent.  We didn't have a back garden at our last house and the weather was particularly poor last year. (Coldest, wettest, cloudiest....etc. :)  When we moved into this house, the kids were excited that we would finally get to set up the tent.  Well, last night was the night.  We were just thinking about setting it up, but somehow with a few little persuaders, we ended up sleeping outside last night. I'll put some pictures of our tenting below.

I put out about 40 pounds (weight) worth of John and Romans today.  That is just a guess and may be an exaggeration but that is how heavy the bag felt.  It made me appreciate more the help that we had last week. I'm thankful to be putting out Scripture "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God."

I enjoyed a good visit with an elderly friend as I was out. Last year this dear lady prayed to accept Jesus. I believe she understood. She was excited to hear about the good attendance we have had lately and said that she is praying that our church will grow. It's good to have friends in the community. 

This weekend we will have a visiting pastor and wife with us.  Brother Tom will be preaching the morning and evening services. Please pray for God's blessing on His ministry.

If the pictures make you think it looks was for Scotland :).  (I checked the temp. after taking these and it was 56 degrees.) The last picture will prove that it is not too hot....we got some pretty severe weather this evening. (hail) (And if you look closely at the last picture you can see that Nelson had his shirt off again!)