camping... among other things....

15/08/2019 21:16

Our family just returned from a last minute camping trip into the Scottish borders. God gave us just the right weather window and time to get in some camping before school starts back up. The kids enjoyed playing in the river. "You know your kids grew up in Scotland when they play in a river with water temperatures in the 40's with weather in the mid 50's and raining. And they enjoyed doing it."

Two of the boys and myself also enjoyed some fly fishing for native brown trout. Those of you who knew me back when we were in the States know that I love to fish. Fishing has been one of the hardest culture shocks for me. I'm very thankful that God has helped us to learn fly fishing. He's also put a trout stream near our home. :)

Our church viewed a property tonight that would make a good church property.... if the building is structurally good and if God saw fit to provide the finances/ financing. I don't know that we are prepared to buy. But, we are praying and are prepared to pursue God's will at God's leading. Please pray with us about this building which is in the heart of Loanhead. 

Also, God gave me two divine appointments tonight as I was out running. I stopped my run and witnessed to a young man on canabis. Please pray that God will awaken his heart. He was kind and shook my hand. He needs God's help.

The second man I witnessed to was at the end of my run. He is really thinking about spiritual things. I gave him a John and Romans. His football team practices accross from my home on Thursday night. He is going to try to stop by our midweek service on the way to his football practice. It would be really encouraging if he would come.