Car Prayer Request

04/02/2016 13:27

As you may know, or car went to the mechanic last Wednesday. For those who know cars, our catalytic converters have died. There are 4 of them and at least 2 of them are caput. The problem is that our car is a 2002 import. It is a good vehicle for us and does not have many miles on it. (It sounds old but looks and acts young.) Because of it being an import, our mechanic has not yet been able to sort a part. Please join us in praying for God's provision in a way that would make our mechanic understand that God has answered prayer. I've told him we are praying and am confident that God is going to meet our need somehow. We appreciate your prayers for His provision.

Yesterday, Don Dillman and I were able to get out doing flyers. It was a lovely day and I enjoyed the fellowship time as we put out flyers. Please pray for a Muslim man that we spoke to for half an hour. Z____________ was a good listener and it was an informative time for both of us. Please pray specifically for the Spirit of God to awaken him to the truth that we shared. We looked at Isaiah 9:6 (son is born....the mighty God) , Psalm 22 (crucifixion) and Exodus 20 (taking God's name in God and Jesus.)

Thank you for being a vital part of our ministry. We appreciate your prayers.