Car update....

10/02/2016 09:01

Thank you for praying for our car situation. We have been two weeks without a vehicle. But, as I mentioned we live very close to our church meeting place (about 500 meters) and we have great public transport. So, we are doing fine without it. 

The mechanic was able to find a couple of the parts he needed, praise the Lord. So, he is making progress. Please continue to pray for grace and wisdom for him. He's a nice guy and won't take advantage of us. But, I don't want him to come out on the short end as far as his time. The question yesterday was if he would have to drop the engine to get to a third catalytic converter. He was hoping not to do so as that would make it a much bigger job.

Meanwhile, I have been able to get out with our new flyer this week and would appreciate your prayers for God to open hearts through it. I put a couple hundred out yesterday and am getting ready to leave just now to put out more. Thank you for keeping up with our family. Your prayers avail much!